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About us and what we do

We’re an independently owned and operated agency in Decherd, Tennessee. Catering to individuals, families, and businesses, we deliver comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions. We’ve been serving Southern Tennessee and other regions in the Volunteer State for more than two decades. We give each and every client the most value and best insurance experience possible by assessing each client’s needs and goals, so we can provide the most appropriate policy for every client.


Insurance is not complicated, but it can be hard to understand if one is not familiar with it.  That’s why we explain every inch of a client's options and/or policies in ways that are easy to understand.  As a result, our clients have the information they need to make the best decisions about their Insurance, including making the best investments.  We also communicate with clients regularly, including before annual reviews, and this makes keeping clients informed easy.


What we offer

We’re independent so we work with different carriers to bring our clients the greatest variety of coverage and policy option selections. Some of the top carriers we work with include Allied, The Hartford, and Safeco. We also use a number of other insurance carriers to find the best solution. The coverages we offer are part of our many programs, which span virtually any personal and/or commercial need. 


Home, auto, and recreational vehicle are some of our personal programs. For more information on personal programs, see our personal insurance page.  Our commercial offerings include a business coverage program that provides all of the options any commercial enterprise in Tennessee needs to stay fully covered for the right price.  We also offer programs for specific industries, each of which has the coverage options that an operation within any of the industries to which these programs are designated needs to stay fully secure.


Community involvement

We know that providing the best insurance products and services is the best thing that we can do to make the communities we serve better places to live and work, but there is more that we can do to contribute to these communities.  We participate in and support local events that celebrate our service communities.  We love to attend the annual Dogwood Festival and the High on the Hog Festival.  Both events are gatherings of people and of groups who have different skills and who appreciate socializing with their fellow residents.  Attending these events helps us network and it helps us get to know better the people we serve. 


A little bit more about us

We know that insurance products are the most important things for any of our clients; products provide actual protection.  However, services are just as important as products, and our services augment the policies and packages that we sell to ensure that the insurance experience is full, valuable, as well as easy.  Risk management , claims management and continuing education are among our services that we offer to help clients reduce costs and give clients advocates in the events that claims are filed.  These services also help clients get the information they need to make the best decisions about their insurance. 


We monitor policies to ensure that coverages are always current and therefore effective and so that rates are always appropriate.  We contact clients before annual reviews to ensure that no changes in clients' lives that could affect coverages have occurred.  This is just one way among many that we ensure that every insurance investment that a client makes has value that's consistent and that’s maximized.


We’re fully available and can be reached whenever and however our clients need to reach us. Feel free to reach out to us via text, email, phone calls, and/or one-on-one interactions.


Please contact us or give us call to learn more or to get started on a policy.  If you’re ready to begin a policy, you can also request a quote


Hill Insurance Agency is proud to provide insurance and risk management solutions in Decherd, Winchester, Estill Springs, Cowan, Huntland, and Tullahoma, TN.  We also serve other areas in the state. 

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On my recent claim with The Hartford, Hill Insurance, bent over backwards to get me back were I needed to be. They have the best service in town. They are always there when you need them.
- Wes P
Hill Insurance has served my family and me with such courtesy and respect. Anytime, we have ever had a situation with insurance, car wreck or damage to our home, they have bent over backwards to assist us with any issue and always with a smile on their face
- Laura H
I saved over $400.00 a year on my car insurance by switching to Hill Insurance.
- Michelle M
The office staff at Hill Insurance is always there to help when you need them. I would never go anywhere else for my insurance needs.
- Stacey C